HM Poetry

Dwarf Cockerel

Plumes of iridescent hues compete with

Shrill cock-a-doodle-doos

Minuscule spurs and tons of attitude

Green tail-feathers raise and fall in perfect arcs

Cockscomb gate-crashing hen nights

With perfect assurance:

Only a male bird can pull off such theatricals


From ‘Animal Kingdom’


©HMH, 2013

HM Paintings

Blue Moon

(©HMH, 2015)

HM Poetry


Incomprehensible as an open book

Written in Swahili or ancient Greek

If you happen to read no such languages.

Not all the tea in China nor lexicons or How To

Paperbacks can conquer or explain:

It puzzles and titillates novice as old hand

But no one can claim freedom or disinterest.

Awe-inspiring or pathetic

We all have brushes with the wondrous

The truly impenetrable but

Insistent, exacting, severe challenge

That takes without asking

Denies without reason but

Succumbs easily and gracefully

When least expected.

Master and supplicant

Idol or divine creature;

Flesh without substance

Form or essence:

Who can lay hand on

Or even begin

To comprehend the

Nature of love?


From ‘Aspects of Attraction’


©HMH, 2014