Hiding under upturned stones, Crawling out of the woodwork Everywhere you find them: Native bottom dwellers Piteous scum on fetid waters Cowardly pitiful spine-less creatures That ever drains life-force from foes as from friends Why do we need them? Nobody knows. Regardless of that, they invade our lives They make themselves wanted, Respected and… Continue reading Caricature

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Eating Habits in Old Copenhagen

1: Festive Occasions In the ‘season’ from October to March, wealthy burghers and upper classes spend a large amount of time giving dinners and balls, and accepting invitations to similar events. The housewife would perform a full-time job to control a household’s festivities but, obviously, she’d look after the general household too. She wouldn’t do… Continue reading Eating Habits in Old Copenhagen

Master’s Right

In Denmark, according to the Servants’ Statutes of 1854, anyone, seeking employment or wanting to leave his or her birthplace, should be able to prove he or she had been confirmed. All servants had to present a servant’s conduct book, which should be authorized by the local clergy or, in Copenhagen, by the police. In… Continue reading Master’s Right

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