Thoughts at the End of the Year

  2017 was the year I decided to publish independently. So far, it is exciting but there’s also much to learn. I must learn to balance social media involvement with writing time. I must learn how to make sales and get reviews, something I never thought of before I published. Looking back, I wonder why… Continue reading Thoughts at the End of the Year

Christmas Thoughts

This morning I listened to Danish Christmas songs. I started to cry. And asked myself why. It wasn’t difficult to figure out, the pure voices stirred up emotions and memories, but the obvious answer didn’t satisfy me. There had to be more to it than that. Over the last days, social media has been filled… Continue reading Christmas Thoughts

Vitruvian Man

Establish the navel as centre; Nobody will question Head over heels: Humans were designed as Cartwheels. Out-stretched arms Equals ascertained height Disguised as twenty-four palms. Vitruvius saw the significant truth Vinci subtly dismissed the ruth.   The spread eagled male Can never escape Circle and Square; The definite sphere. Muscles and bones protracted in space… Continue reading Vitruvian Man

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Romance: Treat or Trick?

Like the next person, I do love a good romance, but if, and when, I get a romance overload, I start to question the idea of the whole thing. If girls, or women, always get portrayed as suckers for love, isn’t there something to worry about? Even when the (female) protagonist is successful, it seems… Continue reading Romance: Treat or Trick?

Snippets of Norse Mythology: The Creation and The World Tree, Yggdrasil

In the beginning there was nothing but a void. Then two regions appeared. The southern was Muspelheim, full of fire, light, and heat. In the north Nifelheim came to be. It was made of arctic waters, mists, and cold. In between the two realms stretched a yawning emptiness, Ginungagap. Sparks and smoke from Muspelheim spilled… Continue reading Snippets of Norse Mythology: The Creation and The World Tree, Yggdrasil


If you like my blog or Hanne Holten Writes (Facebook), you might like Snares and Delusions. Why not take a peek on Amazon?   Author pages UK, US, and Germany: Dreams and nightmares take Hedda to hell and back. The combined forces of opium and pain brings her face to face with her life.… Continue reading Invitation

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