White and Yellow Devil


Two upright horns, long and tapering

Elongate his head

The eyes, small and smouldering,

Scrutinize passersby as well as his clan

But his grin is undeniable, wicked.

Climbing trees and jumping fences

Are parts of his everyday, although

There is more to him than meets the eye.

On hind-legs and cloven hoofs he is taller than a man

His smell announces his arrival several hours before he appears.

Flies tumble down, dead in his wake:

His deep enjoyment in urine shows on his face

As yellow dye impossible to clear.

He sniffs, licks and pisses;

Never misses his mark.

Women and children do their damnest to escape;

He never hesitates but charges forthwith

Towering over his prey and butting down,

Sending all and sundry sprawling.

The goat, ancient symbol of evil,

Takes his pleasure wherever he can.

His goat-wife, black and grey, timid creature

Pays homage in kids but strains her teats to distraction

Milk fever and pains were ever the lot of

Devoted companions, sitting home while

Their lord and master strays.


From ‘Animal Kingdom’


© HMH, 2013







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