Song of Songs

Two people

intimate beyond borders

Gaze deeply

And lies become impossible.

Harmony liberates

Mutual respect

Passion surges through bodies


I dance like a dervish

Deliriously happy


It’s bittersweet

It’s not mine to keep

A magical connection is never for keeps


Through all the heartache

Through years of misery

And pure coincidence

Lightning struck


True love

Love that just is

It makes no demands

And just keeps giving


Just give it back


It’s a double helix

A full circle

Om Mani Padme Hum

Meditation and action

Tao and Heartbeats

Life and eternity

Death and Eros

Eros and Psyche


Deep silence

And pure life

Toes tingle, and the mind becomes blank

Stars fall, and suns rise

The moon dances, and life begins again

Better for what happened


Profound forces rush through the world

Leaving an open field.

Like autumn wind, they lay bare the branches

Like springtime heat, they bring blossoms to bloom

Buds open, and new life emerges


I bow down in silence and give thanks

The rest is never silence

The rest is a song

©HMH, 2018







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