Like an Old Melody


Harmonious chords float in the air

Blossoming like roses and

Enveloping the listener in perfume.

Memory plays wondrous tricks on

Easily coined words and melodious phrases.

Rich and soft, like terms of endearment

Half-forgotten but brought to light

To haunt and bewitch

Old or intrinsic ideas,

Never quite worn out but,

Put away like dried flowers in a well-loved book.

Charm and regret flow from the tune,

Which brings back the bitter-sweet past

But disappears, hardly leaving a trace.

What was must die, but still lives on

Yearning for renaissance but impotent,

Weakened by time and distance.

Sing the old songs and celebrate:

Our lives advance and grow.

Never look back without a smile but,

Let a hundred flowers bloom


From Aspects of Attraction



© HMH, 2014







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