Stratford Hero


Will, willing to play with words

Reclaiming language

Innovating ancient staves

Making new wind: demanding the sun and the moon.

Wooing and wedding cottage love and industry

Longing for ladies and dark youthful boys.

Trespassing in the garden of love:

Jealousy burning the innocent victim

Star-crossed intimacy fated to fail

Hapless heroines fighting for joy.

Crowning his glory through kings and opponents

Warning the hero who trembles at dawn:

Avenge crime unpunished

Accept loss of sanity;

Forswear youthful love but tremble

Confronted with grave monuments.

Follow the point of a dagger but

Perish through the wit of bearded women.

See, the world is a stage

Actors at the last juncture

Irreversibly grow to be

Fortune’s fools


From Persona Grata e non-Grata


© HMH, 2012







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