Clandestine affair

Heaven and hell; ecstasy and anguish; despair and hope Intermingle with his personal version of her agony. Strange walls listen to sounds of kisses… As lovers meet or say their goodbyes. Her personal version of his distress Becomes stumbling stone or reason for quarrels Fierce or tearful according to their inner turmoil. How can two… Continue reading Clandestine affair

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Work in Progress: Masks

This Gypson cast is the basis for my mask work. I’ve had several casts, but because I moved a lot, the number got reduced to just one. I’ve worked with variations of papier-mache, from the original plaster-cast gauze over old newspaper scrappings to the finest grain, depending on what came to hand. As some materials… Continue reading Work in Progress: Masks

Books I Loved and Still Love

  I was a precocious child. Thinking back, my time was divided between music and books. I was painfully shy too and had trouble gaining friends, especially in school. No wonder: when I was two-years-old, I started learning music and with three years under my belt, I could just about cover the holes in a… Continue reading Books I Loved and Still Love

African Violet

Nursery maid for seeds and saplings, Loving shadow and dark murky colours. Quiet music and soft raindrops Bring out her beauty. Her roots cradle the soil And nurture hopeful conception. Shy and withdrawn, she waits: Will a wonder happen? Will new life flourish, and Reward her waiting? Who can tell? Flowers retain their secrets. But,… Continue reading African Violet

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Water Feature

New version   Several books fell and unhinged the former version of Water Feature. It broke its nose. Thus, it became necessary to take action. This is the result of rebuilding the nose and restoring my unfortunate painting to glory. First, I wasn’t convinced, but the newest version grows on me. Why is it that some… Continue reading Water Feature

Another Collection of Reviews.

    In mid-March, I found myself musing about reviews and reviewers. The situation stays much the same: authors need reactions from their readers to thrive. Not just to sell books, but also to know that they’ve been heard (or read). We can’t function in a vacuum. I can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t take… Continue reading Another Collection of Reviews.

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