Work in Progress: Masks

This Gypson cast is the basis for my mask work.

I’ve had several casts, but because I moved a lot, the number got reduced to just one. I’ve worked with variations of papier-mache, from the original plaster-cast gauze over old newspaper scrappings to the finest grain, depending on what came to hand. As some materials prove less resistant, I also experiment with making the papier-mache stronger. It can be a frustrating experience, but I learn as I go.

My current project has a centre of aluminium foil. I hope it will prove stable: my plan is to decorate both sides. Ideally, I’d mount it on a stick and put it on a heavy base.

In a way, the expression on these casts reminds me of death-masks. It took several weeks of contemplating this before I had a vague idea of what I’d do. The first step was easy though.

You can’t do anything without priming the surface. Hence both sides became white.

What will happen next? I’m not sure. It will be something about contrasts: day and night or sun and moon.


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