Clandestine affair

Heaven and hell; ecstasy and anguish; despair and hope

Intermingle with his personal version of her agony.

Strange walls listen to sounds of kisses…

As lovers meet or say their goodbyes.

Her personal version of his distress

Becomes stumbling stone or reason for quarrels

Fierce or tearful according to their inner turmoil.

How can two souls discover each other

If time or significance disturb the affair?

Who can decide whether morals or maxims

Should influence that which was precious and true?

Let one, who can honestly disown transgression

Judge if two characters truly could fail:

The sweetness, the blissful distraction must matter

Or why would they simply fall head-over-heels?

Was everything right in their current relations

Would something have happened without outer grounds?

Who carries the guilt for those happy relapses

When nothing that mattered could stop those wild hearts?

The age-old disturbance brings tougher confusion

The longer and harder the trial persists

But somewhere in hiding, the one silver lining

Redeems and forgoes irreversible joy.


From Aspect of Attraction



© HMH, 2014







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