Project Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

Several years ago, I made a clothing- and costume-project based on butterflies. It involved making sketches of a peacock butterfly in pencil and aquarelle and analysing its colours.

Colour Analysis

Having done that, it was time to think of how to present the ‘peacock’ without losing its shape.

Pencil Drawing

It was easy to use the pencil drawing for a monochrome dress.

Monochrome Dress

Next, I turned my specimen around and experimented with the duller colours on the ‘inside’.

Muted Butterfly Dress

Afterwards, it was time to go full out and use all those brilliant peacock colours.

Peacock Splendour

Personally, this is my favourite, but I never got round to sewing it. I had no idea how to transform it from picture to fabric. Not at that time. If I were to experiment with this project now, I’d probably use silk and silk-painting techniques. Unfortunately, I don’t have funds or time for such a project at present.

Butterfly Costume

My last sketch did make it into a finished costume. I made the wings of tulle, the headdress was jersey, with wire inside the satin antennas. The costume itself was made as a jumpsuit, and the wings attached to a waistcoat.

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