New reviews

    It’s time for another assortment of critiques. I’m surprised that it’s such a long time since the last one. Mea culpa. Anyway, the need for fellowship among writers is as great as it ever was. There’s nothing that boosts an author like an honest review. In a way, it doesn’t matter whether it’s… Continue reading New reviews

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Love Affair

  On the rooftops of fish-town The passionate pigeons Roost and revel in twosome bliss. Evening sun and a lonely antenna Provide them a stronghold Opposing the earth. Here they coo their infinite mantras.   Kissing and billing, Their beaks start to clatter And feathers are flying, The action direct: The lad mounts the lady… Continue reading Love Affair

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Balancing Laughter and Tears in Life and the Arts

Having just watched Saving Mr Banks, brought it home to me how finely tuned contrasting emotions must be. Not just in a script or a book: this is something vital to humans. We’ve always known that, and we’ve always tried to suppress this knowledge. Where does it start and where does it end? This search… Continue reading Balancing Laughter and Tears in Life and the Arts

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