Sooner or Later



Sooner or later things fall into place

Sooner or later love finds its own space

We must decide if we dare or retire

When warnings forestall, and our state becomes dire

Will somebody venture or try setting foot,

Sooner or later, where none ever stood?


Sooner or later we’ll come to a head

Sooner or later we’ll end up in bed

Would it be wise or just terrible folly

To abide by a voice, which is never just jolly?

Impartial questions insist on their due

Sooner or later we must talk it through


Sooner or later you will catch my gaze

Sooner or later a fire must blaze

Oh, but who dares to lay kindle to ardour

To think of beginning the search for a harbour

While nobody promised that kind of response

Sooner or later each flame needs a sconce


Sooner or later or no time at all

Sooner or later we reach out or call

Still there is no guarantee we won’t founder

Perhaps we were just meant to meet and to wonder

Whether that split second captured our souls

Sooner or later defining our roles


Sooner or later our timing must slow

Sooner or later we surely will know

Was it supposed to be real and consuming?

Was it the chance in a million for blooming?

Maybe each human must search an adventure

And pledge every thought or emotion to nature


From Aspects of Attraction


© HMH, 2014







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