About time and eternity.

    Wouldn’t it be great having plenty of time to do exactly what one wants to do? Those days are gone, but they may still return. We live in hope, or so they say. Who’s they? There’s always a ‘they’, claiming deep insights and profound knowledge. Wouldn’t it be nice to be such a… Continue reading About time and eternity.

Real Life Wimp

  Forced into marriage and out Hapless and gormless Everything goes: Career like nil He takes to swill Herbal teas and veggie meals Making a temple out of his body. Surprisingly, fat quills from every pore. Dreams of eternal youth evaporate As quickly as his weight grows. His only redeeming feature is His kindness, which… Continue reading Real Life Wimp

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This painting vanished in one of my moves around Europe. It’s gone, but I still have the photo. There’s a story behind it too. It was my first experiment with acrylics, and I painted it on top of somebody else’s work. Mind: they gave the canvas as they weren’t happy with their painting. As I… Continue reading Sun-God

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