Ignoring the obvious

A curious event I shared a video clip about racism some time ago. The reactions were numerous and went from approval to the opposite, although most of those who bothered to comment were in favour of the share. What made me think — and think again, was one sanctimonious comment. The content was that those… Continue reading Ignoring the obvious


There’s a day: it’s filled with roses. There’s a day of hopeful bliss. There’s a day for pure romances, there’s a day for broken hearts. Will the broken hearts be mended? Will the flowers wither soon? Will a romance grow and prosper? Will that bliss be crushed through life? Are the hopeful days soon ended?… Continue reading Post-Valentine’s

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Still Catching up. New Reviews

With another eight reviews to go, there isn’t much to say, except that I hope my thoughts on these books will whet your appetites in reading them yourself. MJ Rocissono, Beyond the Wicked Willow A rewarding read MJ Rocissono knows his myths and uses them deftly in his poignant coming-of-age story. It is a delight… Continue reading Still Catching up. New Reviews

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