Book Series — and Film Remakes — Menace or Miracle?

Lately, book series and film remakes have haunted my mind. One of the triggers was re-reading the Earth’s Children series. However exciting, however unusual the subject, it is devastating to see the deterioration of style, and accuracy, going through the series. No doubt Ms Auel’s research is pristine, but her writing becomes increasingly lazy and,… Continue reading Book Series — and Film Remakes — Menace or Miracle?


Are we then likely to reach a conclusion? Must we accept the most basic defeat? Can sweeping statements and primeval landscapes Account for the strangeness, the passionate nature Protecting and challenging glorious bliss? Would life become simpler in subtle tranquillity? Can we achieve such miraculous feats: Claiming insight in marvels beyond our reach? Is love… Continue reading Phenomenon

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Great Green Slug

Acrylic on Canvas This is one painting that I can’t make up my mind about. Some of the elemsts work, others leave me unsatisfied. The strange part is that I don’t know where it hides. . . © HMH, 2000 (+2019)

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