Red and silver evoked images of fire,

Alarming the heart.

Bloodshot and shiny, it cut a pathway through flesh and stone.

Lachrymose, in shock, passers-by stopped in the streets.

Glowing scaffolding couldn’t support the spire.

Humans fought the inferno

To save what could be saved

And still the flames endured.

Lead dripped into the wounds

As a mirror cracked.

Were we ever powerless

Against an irate nature?

What turned away the fates?

Was it prayers or

Singing in the streets?

Was it the power of faith,

Pleading and beseeching,

That turned the tide?

Was it one defiant cross?

Or the shower from hosepipes?

Hundreds took part in the fight

And made humankind hold its breath.

Out of flames and despair

A new hope survived.

© HMH, 2019







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