Secret Corner, Chiswick

Flanked by railroads And fastened in barbed wire A corner of nature Tries its resilience And holds out against  Development. Too small for buildings Or status, The grass grows while bees buzz and Frogs sing In blissful ignorance that This spot has Escaped progress. Water and mud Seep through the edges But the scene remains… Continue reading Secret Corner, Chiswick

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Let us not forget that spring is coming. In these difficult times, it seems more important to keep a positive outlook. Hence, a small reminder that, although nature is up in arms against humanity at present, flowers will still grow and delight our souls. The picture today is a miniature, but I hope it says… Continue reading Violets

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A Matter of Choice

Misery or joy? Figuring out what’s the matter with life takes too long and it doesn’t help get you anywhere. It’s better to concentrate on important issues. Everybody has their own dreams and goals. To me it’s writing my books, singing my songs, teaching, and everything that brings a smile to my lips. Yes, there… Continue reading A Matter of Choice

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