Violet String Bird

To continue my miniseries of Steen Espersen’s art, my choice falls on a quirky bird. Steen had considerable humour and showed it in a series of birds. They were ‘portraits’ or caricatures of musician friends. He presented me with this, shortly after I’d joined the Group of Alternative Music, a group of mad musicians that… Continue reading Violet String Bird

My First 2020 Reviews

SS Bazinet, Open Wide My Heart Book 1, Traces of Home Escaping Your Past Can Prove Impossible – But Can Also Be A Healing Journey. Open wide my heart is a romance. It’s also an unusual and rousing tale of fear, violence, and how humans overcome unmeasurable challenges. In the brooding prelude, Lea, the protagonist… Continue reading My First 2020 Reviews

Defending chivalry

On hind-legs, front paws assertive like little pink boxing gloves, The mouse sniffs the air in an environment turned hostile. His opponent, tail swishing blue-eyed monster, readies its body for the jump But hesitates while seconds drop, frozen in time. No attack is possible while rules of chivalry persist And so, mouse and cat stay… Continue reading Defending chivalry

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