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Alex Connor, Legacy of Blood A Harlot’s Progress – Past and Present Hogarth’s painting in the lost series ‘A Harlot’s Progress’ causes mayhem and murders when art dealers meet on a private flight bound for London. Connor takes her readers to seedy and coarse surroundings and uses violence as a plot device. The convincing flashbacks… Continue reading More Reviews


Sister of Iris, Temperate of nature Yet, her fragrance is heady and sweet. Born in the South and greeted by oceans Where waves meet and crash with their union and split. Here, as the rainbows become faint recollections, Sharp grass-like stems break the earth and mature. Funnel shaped flowers take on colours that mirror The… Continue reading Freesia

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Bornholm Landscape © Steen Espersen, 1989

*** The third instalment in my Espersen miniseries is a landscape. Steen was of an old Bornholm family and found a large part of his inspiration in the rocky landscapes. All thing nautical spoke to him and he spent a long time on the easternmost island group in Denmark, painting. Unfortunately, none of his oil… Continue reading Bornholm Landscape © Steen Espersen, 1989

The Impossible Dream

Last night, I indulged in a film evening. Moonstruck. The script is unbelievable. The cast is stunning. The repartees, the romance, the music, everything works. Even Cage, hamming the proverbial lover, is perfect. The costumes are gorgeous, even the smallest role is perfectly filled. Love that film – and have loved it since it came… Continue reading The Impossible Dream

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