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Bornholm Landscape © Steen Espersen, 1989


The third instalment in my Espersen miniseries is a landscape. Steen was of an old Bornholm family and found a large part of his inspiration in the rocky landscapes. All thing nautical spoke to him and he spent a long time on the easternmost island group in Denmark, painting. Unfortunately, none of his oil paintings are available – not as far as I know – but I’m including a Sketch from Cristiansø.


© HMH, 2020

2 replies on “Bornholm Landscape © Steen Espersen, 1989”

It is an unusual island — one of the beauty spots in Denmark. I feel that Steen captured the essence of the landscape, and the light, in his paintings. I remember the section in Shadow of the Raven. . .
you know how I enjoyed the book.

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