A Question of Femininity

Not so long ago, I watched Lover Come Back with Rock Hudson and Doris Day. No need to mention that it’s a pre-feminist movie, notwithstanding that the female lead is an advertising executive. The portrayal of her can be explained in two words: dumb blonde. She accepts everything her antagonist says, no matter how ridiculous… Continue reading A Question of Femininity

Mild and Sweet

Like dewdrops on my mind come soothing words Nestling as tired birds in the tree of my awareness. The fights have reached uncertain truce And weary feelings lost a channel But tears and wonders could induce An old song set to different chords. The harmony found altered thoughts But our emotions stirred or bloomed Once… Continue reading Mild and Sweet

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Nude ©Steen Espersen, 1981

My last piece in this miniseries of Steen Espersen’s art is a nude, seen from the back. I selected it because of its tender rendition of the female form. The ink lines and the light brown colour wash creates a feeling that the woman in the picture is alive. *** © HMH, 2020

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