Waterford Crystal

Prism of molten crystal

Red-hot miracle of light, heat, and skill

Fiery inferno throwing sparks and glittering shards

As the cutters scream through to the core or graze the surface

Crafting fabulous shapes and abysmal compositions.

Shapes of distinction meet frozen eagles

Or strange blossoms budding among stars and spangles

Secret visions create chandeliers that sing and glitter,

Wondrous phenomenon of this world or another.

Chalices of light shed colours of every rainbow

Dreams of waterfalls and bright green woods

Saturated with soft luminosity

Steeped in wonder

But hard as steel

Until it shatters

Turning back

To the core

To resurge

Set for renaissance

In ever changing spectres



© HMH, 2013







2 responses to “Waterford Crystal”

  1. Millie Thom avatar

    A wonderful shape poem and fabulous descriptions of the production of the fantastic Waterford Crystal. So well constructed, Hanne,

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      Thank you so much, Millie. I’m happy and honoured.
      I’ve always been fascinated by crystal both the process of making it and the beauty of the finished product.

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