Anna Casamento Arrigo Mini-Series I

It is striking that accomplished authors often have hidden talents. It can be painting or musical talent, it could be anything to do with artistic endeavour. Some authors produce book covers professionally, and some authors knit or embroider. For my post this week, I’d love to introduce the author Anna Casamento Arrigo, who is a… Continue reading Anna Casamento Arrigo Mini-Series I

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Collective Living: A Utopia?

Does twosome bliss exist? Some people claim that it exists, but there’s little evidence of it. Most individuals seem to go along with less than ideal conditions. Ask Graham Greene, he dissects so-called happy marriages in The End of the Affair in the most appalling manner. He cuts deep, but there’s no doubt about his… Continue reading Collective Living: A Utopia?

Eternal Friends

Noble pursuits of gracious souls Perfume the garden where resides That unattainable courteous devotion Walled in by ideals or ruled out as unruly. Minstrels build castles in the air bending the ears of Exquisite maidens who never age or change; Box hedges and labyrinths lead the applicants To bowers of roses where turtle doves nest.… Continue reading Eternal Friends

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Digital Sketches

At present, I’m figuring out what to paint next. These are my options. The moon always fascinated me, especially the full moon. I’ve numerous sketches and photos — more or less successful — but this isn’t all bad. You could say that this is a tropical fantasy, I’ve no idea where it came from. Maybe… Continue reading Digital Sketches

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