Spoiler Alert!!!

Have you ever experienced that, after writing a review, somebody shouted spoiler alert? I have, and that made me think. Yes, in that review, I mentioned things that emerge within the story but, in my opinion, it wasn’t the plot that moved the book forward. It was the characters and their inner lives. Honestly, I’ve… Continue reading Spoiler Alert!!!


He said: I’ll miss you too. He said: we’ll stay in touch. Weeks passed * She waited unwearyingly, trusting his words. Once she wrote and every day afterwards She looked for his non-existent answer. She puzzled about it but found no reason: Nothing to solve the riddle That haunted her waking hours and Turned to… Continue reading Lover-Boy

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Anna Casamento Arrigo Mini-Series II

It is a great pleasure to present Anna’s second instalment in this mini-series, concentrating on her – other – talent. Anna is an accomplished poet and author, who has great success with her writing. Here we focus on her paintings, which are beautiful as well as unique. *** Slowly, ever so slowly, as fluttering began… Continue reading Anna Casamento Arrigo Mini-Series II

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My Newest Reviews

Suzy Henderson, The Beauty Shop World War II Romance Archie McIndoe, John (Mac) Mackenzie and Stella Charlton are the main protagonists in Suzy Henderson’s WWII novel. The ‘beauty shop’ refers to the Guinea Pig Club and gives its readers a different viewpoint of the horrors happening during the Second World War, presenting the pilots who become… Continue reading My Newest Reviews

Sea Picture

*** Beyond the obscure city’s Green light and blue grass Rolls the sea under the night sky. The beach is empty, though A boat against the current Beats on, borne on the waves. Incoherently, steadfastly, it Moves into the past. * There the Norns spin their endless yarns, Waiting for storms to Upset the world.… Continue reading Sea Picture

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