Anna Casamento Arrigo Mini-Series II

It is a great pleasure to present Anna’s second instalment in this mini-series, concentrating on her – other – talent. Anna is an accomplished poet and author, who has great success with her writing. Here we focus on her paintings, which are beautiful as well as unique.


Slowly, ever so slowly, as fluttering began in my paralyzed left hand, I began pushing its use so that I could attempt new and paintings that had had greater detail and depth. It wasn’t always easily accomplished and, admittedly, quite a few attempts ended upon the trash. Nevertheless, since this new discovery and cathartic, and satisfying release encouraged my need to bring about and, yes, even awakening of all I, just months earlier, thought all, I, was lost. My occupational therapy continued both at Kessler and, more so, at home! My second painting, using the drop method once again, I called ‘A Congregation of Swans.’



Here’s a reminder of Anna’s links:

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3 responses to “Anna Casamento Arrigo Mini-Series II”

  1. Debi+Ennis+Binder avatar

    “…characters in my books that take over and create a new direction for the tale)”
    I can so relate! But I figure—we as writers give them life, why not let them go where they must?
    And Flutterings is so appropriate for your painting. I’d love to see it in colors!

  2. Anna+Casamento+Arrigo avatar

    Thank you so very very much, Hanne!!

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      It is a continuous pleasure to have you ‘visiting’, Anna.

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