HM Poetry



Green lights

An orgiastic future fades

How to grasp when the tension

Between the possible and impossible



A blueish lawn turns frosty

And naked feet will never progress

Along the faded roses.

Futile fears

Turn the city into shadows

Wailing about their loss.


We live in obscurity

Possessed by reckless

Dreams that were

Never meant to succeed.



© HMH, 2021

6 replies on “Brooding”

Thank you, Debi. My intention was to leave the reason for brooding open to the readers’ imagination. It is as you say — being lost in a feeling that you can’t grasp.

Your words open up so many world’s and meanings but I think for me the main one is the present climate zone we are enduring.
You have captured this so well with your words that project so well.

Brian, it’s good to hear your evaluation of the poem. Thank you, also for your kind words. Your opinion means a lot to me.

The reason that your answer didn’t show up was that you haven’t commented here before. WordPress makes it up to me to approve or discard comments. . .
I appreciate your thoughts on Brooding.

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