Food for Thought

The sun visited for a few minutes yesterday. Today it has been snowing. Apparently, the polar vortex bears part of the guilt for the extreme conditions this winter. It might be colder tomorrow. The weather keeps see-sawing, and that may not change for the foreseeable future. It may get warmer for a couple of days, but there are always sudden temperature drops. No wonder that it’s difficult to adjust.

What a pity that humanity has done so much to screw up nature. We’re reaping the reward now. Or is it a punishment? Rather. There’s nothing to do but to make the best of it. Of course, that goes for everything that occurs these days. This is a weird period. One must stop to think, but the thoughts are hardly pleasant. Have we reached the point of no return? Who can tell? With the COVID19 situation, with the weather shot to pieces, with the general decay in comportment, it becomes urgent to ask such questions.

Was humanity always fraught with such flaws? No doubt. The question is whether we’ve moved so far towards a lack of consideration for our fellow human beings that this alone will constitute the beginning of our end. It isn’t easy to judge. Perhaps we need a wider perspective. On the other hand, it is not so simple to find out what the complete concept is and where it might lead us. Aye, that’s the rub. We dream and hope and think, but we may not be able to put a finger on the crux of the matter.

Where did we go wrong? Did we ever go right? Is that the real question? If so, we aren’t much better off than pond scum. Is there the slightest prospect for rectifying everything that we’ve caused through negligence and stupidity, through greed and selfishness? Where can we turn to find a path that will take us to a safe shore? If such a marvel exists? Maybe these questions are futile. Maybe we must look for the right questions. Could it be a matter of starting to think about what we, as individuals, might achieve?

Maybe one person can’t do much, except change his or her way of thinking. That must be the first step. It’s so easy to lean back and say – I alone can’t do anything. Stop and think. This may not be the place to start. If we start questioning what we do – and begin to take small steps in a better direction if we share our thoughts and actions, may it not create a movement towards something valuable? It may be a slow process, but it’s better than no process at all. If every individual would think and do our little bits to benefit the world we live in, could it make a difference? A tentative butterfly effect? It might be our only chance. If we wait, we won’t make a difference, but if we dare to move forward and do small deeds that may seem pointless in the large picture, this could inspire others to do their part.

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  1. Anna+Casamento+Arrigo avatar

    Great soul searching piece. Sigh. ‘Were it not for tears, my heart would burst.” ACA

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      It was something I needed to get out there. Thanks, Anna!
      Such a beautiful quote. . .

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