Tea with Gooseberry Crumble

Baking fragrance leaps to the nostrils As friends meet in the tea-room White scrubbed floors and wooden furniture Clotted cream and choices of pastry Tablecloths and heather decorations Contrast the rugged hills and the sea. Ever present the algae and crustaceans Mingle their salty savour with  The sweetness of confections inside Black tea exudes aroma… Continue reading Tea with Gooseberry Crumble

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New Reviews

JG MacLeod, Abalone Domestic Violence with a Vengeance Liz is a reticent and shy girl who manages to be a good student regardless of her difficult home life.  James is an older boy with apparent learning difficulties. Possibly, his problems are down to a lack of interest in getting an education as he seems reckless… Continue reading New Reviews

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