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Joseph Ferguson, Shillelagh Law Questions of Life and Death. Snakes and Snails and Puppy-dog Tails – growing up agonies   Rock and Roll – a rock-climbing extravaganza                                                                          Incident on a Boring Afternoon – a troubling garage-door                            My Favorite Christmas Tree – teenage pranks                                  Shillelagh Law – an Irish misfit                                                                            Morpheus and the Mayor – politicians and… Continue reading Review Segment


Impetuous whispered adorable phrases, Erotic delight and eager embraces Encourages sympathy, calls for seduction, Which brings about certain enraptured eruption. Somewhere two lovers stand watching and chaste Temptation or charm fits his arm ’round her waist Ardour increased in rash osculation Breeds passion or fancy or sweet inclination. Thundery moments cause infatuation Gazes and smiles… Continue reading Eros

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