1. My favorite color! Unusual in that it’s on cardboard, and I think I see that coming through to give substance to both sky and grass. I never thought to paint on cardboard, but I can see it would have been interesting for thinned-out oils. This looks like it’s thinned acrylics? Gives it an ethereal touch. I think it’s quite lovely.

  2. Thank you, Debi. It is true that the cardboard gives some depth, but it isn’t as visible on the original. Still, it is a media that interests me to work with. You’re right about the acrylics — if thinned, they almost work like watercolours but there is still the option of working with thicker layers. It is a patience challenge though. I tend to be impatient and can’t always wait until the thin layers dry. Still, I think it worked out all right in the end.

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