Impetuous whispered adorable phrases,

Erotic delight and eager embraces

Encourages sympathy, calls for seduction,

Which brings about certain enraptured eruption.

Somewhere two lovers stand watching and chaste

Temptation or charm fits his arm ’round her waist

Ardour increased in rash osculation

Breeds passion or fancy or sweet inclination.

Thundery moments cause infatuation

Gazes and smiles grant amused adoration

Desire expands or beguiles persuasion

But nothing prevents intermittent abrasion.

Partiality wavers, but desire wins out

One or the other ends up a devout

Laughter, forgiveness, confusion, and sweat

Cause for anxiety but fret not as yet.

Still, the attraction weighs out every worry

Although fascination becomes somewhat blurry.

The one, only hope for such apt predilection

Is finding protection in partners’ perfection.

Do not regret such yearning enhancement

As life grants such bliss, such bewitching enchantment

© HMH, 2021







2 responses to “Eros”

  1. Debi Ennis Binder avatar

    Now that was an exciting poem! Whew! Fanning myself. I do so love your dance of words, Hanne!

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      Awww, Debi, you’re such a motivator! Thank you! 😍

      Please, don’t faint though . . . 😉

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