People must populate

Patterns perpetuate:

Humans defy humility

But prosper and spread

Speeding through centuries

With deftness and dread


Cosmos and micro-cosmos

Mirror the mirages:

Perceive earth and heaven

Through a peacock’s tail

Iridescent blue

Glittering green

Held and withheld but

Tumbling, obscene


Peopling populations

Prime persons to kill


Prying, the public

Greets deftness and skill


From Persona Grata et non Grata



© HMH, 2021







8 responses to “Kaleidoscope”

  1. Debi+Ennis+Binder avatar

    Lovely. Are you planning to gather your poems into a book soon? Because when I read your work, they bring to mind lyrical reflections, painting pictures for those who need to be told what magical colors and words mean.

  2. Hanne H avatar
    Hanne H

    Thank you, Debi. I plan to publish a collection of short stories and also a collection of poetry, once I’ve finished my work in progress. That has priority — and I’m close to finishing. I have a lot of short stories — and more ideas — as well as several older ones that just need editing. Well, some of them even date back to my time in Denmark and I’d have to translate those.

    1. Debi+Ennis+Binder avatar

      Hanne, if you publish translated poems, would you be able to also include at least a few of them in their original language? That might sound weird to some, but having lived in several countries throughout my life, I discovered I love to look at written language and its translation. Something about seeing the words as they were first written is so beautiful… it’s hard to describe, but it’s like giving the words a connection to where they came from.

  3. Hanne H avatar
    Hanne H

    I don’t have any translated poems. The few that I wrote in Danish are long gone, due to my travels. I believe that most of them were written on scrap paper. Among my old school notebooks, which I’ve kept, I found some short stories that I’d like to translate — and possibly edit — for publication. I don’t believe that it would work too well to reproduce short stories written in Danish alongside the English version though.

    1. Debi+Ennis+Binder avatar

      I agree, short stories wouldn’t work. I had many notebooks from childhood I wish like crazy I could get my hands on! But, like the archetypical stepmother, mine destroyed all my papers when I first left home. 🙁 I would love to read the short stories though!

  4. Hanne H avatar
    Hanne H

    What a horrid thing to do. Stepmothers seem to fall into two categories, the nice ones, and the archetypical ones. Too bad that you met one of the latter type.

    I hope to get started on those old stories as soon as I finish ‘Secrets and Lies’.

    1. Debi+Ennis+Binder avatar

      RE: The Stepmother. I was the eldest at 13, when they married. I didn’t find out until years later that the noble father didn’t tell her he had three rug rats until after they tied the knot. Hilarious. Reverse Karma.

      I loved your pic of your walk. It looks the quintessential Germany I remember and love. So green and wet. I love those boilers that let you know when they’re doing their thing–we had one when we lived in Maryland that burned diesel oil. It was a monstrosity and at first, I was scared of it. I would have sworn it was going to blow up. But later, in the middle of winter, its chugging and groaning always told me when the heat was coming. Glad you got a new one!

  5. Hanne H avatar
    Hanne H

    Well, your stepmother must’ve been less than enthusiastic about that. Still, that doesn’t give her the right to destroy things that belong to the unwanted — rug rats. Reverse Karma indeed.

    Yes, the green a pleasant land isn’t only English.
    I’m ecstatic with my new boiler. I certainly won’t miss the explosion sounds that the old one emitted.

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