Parrot Tulips by Lynne Henderson

Take a look at these beautiful and lifelike tulips, Painted by Lynne Henderson. I find it remarkably interesting to read about her technique. It is a pleasure to step aside and let her speak for herself. *** Another technique I developed came from experiments during the textile module of an art and design course I… Continue reading Parrot Tulips by Lynne Henderson

Beauty and the Beasts

When I look in the mirror, what do I see? A scrawny half-starved girl or a beautiful lady? Inside, I’m still that skinny girl. No matter, with intelligence and a little luck, I can secure my future. It sure helps that my body has curves in all the right places. That is something you can’t… Continue reading Beauty and the Beasts

Green and pink butterfly

*** A breathless minute, a magical moment Occurred in a flash of flittering wings The porcelain colours, the filigree contours Make daylight and sunshine merge in a blaze. The seconds, repressed, still drop away pounding Your heart wants to stop but continues its beat Slowly, aware that a miracle holds you  So gently it takes… Continue reading Green and pink butterfly

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