Green and pink butterfly


A breathless minute, a magical moment

Occurred in a flash of flittering wings

The porcelain colours, the filigree contours

Make daylight and sunshine merge in a blaze.

The seconds, repressed, still drop away pounding

Your heart wants to stop but continues its beat

Slowly, aware that a miracle holds you

 So gently it takes you, you hardly can breathe.


Within definite walls, inside ramparts of myths

You stand as if frozen

You gaze, and you thrill


A fate tempts your hand

To touch this pure wonder

Although it be sin


The wings of this creature can’t bear to be handled

But still causes hurricanes in a far land

A moment you feel at the centre of action

Hanging from destiny’s wheel, fused to time

Then you exhale, or a gentle wind soars

The butterfly flutters away on its course.


For a moment bereft you follow the flight

As the green and pink creature ascends in the light


© HMH, 2021







2 responses to “Green and pink butterfly”

  1. Debi avatar

    Just lovely, Hanne!

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      Thank you, Debi! I loved writing this poem.

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