Winter Berries by Lynne Henderson

It has been a great pleasure to follow Lynne’s thoughts about painting and her technique. Here is her last instalment in the series, a beautiful picture of winter berries. Also, I’d like to thank her for her generous contributions. Now I’ll give Lynne the last word to tell us about this acrylic painting.


Eventually, I felt like a change from watercolour and mixed media, so I ventured forth into acrylic on canvas. No need for framing, you can hang them immediately, and I mostly have acrylics on my walls. I found the change tricky at first, because with watercolour you get a lovely fine point to your brush which acrylic just can’t deliver. The small sized brushes I like for detail need to be replaced regularly, so I buy cheap ones. Unlike with watercolour, which dries lighter, acrylic paint dries darker, so this took some getting used to when colour mixing, as well as learning to use a stay wet palette which is essential. I also had to get used to doing backgrounds first. But the benefits are the rich matt colours of real depth and substance.

This is the last painting I share here with Hanne and I’ve chosen another plant painting to stick to the same theme. To chime in with the season, I’ve chosen Winter Berries. Around this time, I began to use creative filters on my source photographs which I find exciting, and which take me away from fully realistic representation. Here the berries have a thin white or black outline to help them look more luscious and to ‘pop’. There are also silhouetted shadow stems for depth, and of course, water drops.

I hope you have enjoyed these shares and thank you to Hanne for featuring me and my work.

Winter Berries, acrylic on canvas, 40 by 40cm

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