Luce and Oscurito

They met at daybreak. Oscurito let his dark fingers run through her blonde locks, but Luce freed herself. ‘Don’t come too close.’ ‘Cautious. As always.’  Oscurito nodded. ‘My dear, you can trust me.’ He moved in and placed a kiss on her brow. Then he bowed and left. Luce sighed as she followed his retreating… Continue reading Luce and Oscurito


Floating Poetry on a pond Slowly unfold its mysterious petals Water sparkles, reflecting the sun Playing with light and shadow * Oh, let me drift Forget And reclaim The joy and the tears My life * Flat leaves Of green circumspection Move on the wavelets Sleeping Dreaming With the bloom Still to come * ©… Continue reading Waterlily

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My Last Reviews of 2021

Debi Ennis Binder, Summerbird Rises Fairy-Tale with Bold and Strange Creatures Summerbird Asii lives in a village where magic is banned, and it is dangerous to know herb lore. Castle and village guards scour the streets in search of offenders. Those caught will suffer vicious punishment. Nobody knows who lives in the castle menacing the… Continue reading My Last Reviews of 2021

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