Misty Day


Vapour rises and forms strange figures

Behold how they sway and shift

The sun vanishes in a miasma

And a sudden chill rustles black branches

Reaching towards the sky


Bewildering forms spin and shift

Lulling you into a trance

Murky and obscure


Don’t lose your way and

Wander into the unknown


There is no danger

But the haze conceals

Mysterious trails

That lead nowhere


© HMH, 2022


  1. HI Hanne,
    As is my way, I waited a while and reread this. The first impression was stronger! I was there, feeling the mists. Your poems are so magical. I love how the cadence shifts unexpectedly at times–in this poem it sort of felt like I was being pulled around with the mists. Just loved it!

    1. Am so happy to hear your impressions, Debi! It is always so reassuring to know that I’ve made the impression I set out to do.

      1. Hi Hanne,
        Well, you’ve seen where my poems go (the Riddle Tree) so all I could do was either be jealous (ok, a teeny bit) or enjoy your creations. I chose the latter! I’m furiously working on Summerbird’s Quest, so all can read the wonderful Riddle Tree riddle. I have three alpha readers, but only one is actively returning any comments, so this might drag out a bit longer. People!

        1. Oh, Debi! Don’t be jealous. . .
          You have so much to share with your readers (and I’m one of them) I’m sure that Summerbird’s Quest will be full of fantasy poetry — and that’s what you do best. I’m certain that your alpha readers will help you to bring Summerbird to shine!

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