August Designer


Was it premonition        

Or artistic transgression that

Made him paint his future wife as Iseult?

The assault on her senses could have forced the result.


Did he want a foreseeable quintessence?


Perhaps the intention, barely apt

Gave her a wished for, natural route

To make an elusive and feisty conclusion.

A greater gift than a home and a child

Allowed her to find and possess

A love nest, affording retreat

From the marital drought.


Diverse personalities join

In a changeable triangle


Socialism became the chosen refuge

From wedlock’s hasty ensnarement,

Inborn tradition, and watered ideal,

Allowing him to gather and seek ways to heal.

Fused in congruent principle, outright fantasy

With stark cherished certainty

Observed forever in beautiful tapestry


Patterns, within patterns, within nature, within swirls.


© HMH, 2022







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