Making the Rounds


Let us to war then. To siege and assault!

Although we proclaim it is nobody’s fault

We declare with conviction

 We will soon come to blows:

In war as in love, just anything goes.


We love the victorious but practise fierce combat

And quickly start over, with someone to pick at.

In love or in war, strict laws get upset

As warriors merit a new sobriquet

While weaker combatants so frequently win

The upshot of warring remains a great sin.


Turn the world upside down and show us a portal

A chance to desist, facing struggle immortal.

Lips become armour: a mouth turning weapon

Shoots arrows that injure or wound, whom we reckon

The unhappy enemy, our resolute friend

Upon whom it’s our function with wrath to descend.


Lips are for kissing. They part without favour

Nay, they return as the moon must, to savour

All that is true and desired in love



© HMH, 2022







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