Life, Time, and Eternity


It’s already tomorrow although it is still tonight. This is true only from my point of view because my day isn’t done until it’s time to sleep. That’s the individual viewpoint. Of course, it would be different if my position on the earth was different. It could be this morning and there would be an entire day until tomorrow. It could be tomorrow. That’s what it is, even if my brain doesn’t accept it.

Is there a more powerful proof that we aren’t anything but energy? We’re not bodies, although we have a physical presence. The moment our mind leaves the body; that body becomes a mere combination of organs and tissue. Where is the mind then?

It exists in the energy that floats through everything. When we die, our bodies disintegrate but what happens to the immaterial voice within? Is it still active somewhere? Does it go back to the universe, so that our mind merges with everything? Is it because we can’t shed our individuality that we may find our way into life again? Do we get recycled? Why not? Our bodies aren’t important. The universe is.

The universe is energy and we’re part of that energy. It manifests in strange and wonderful forms. From bacteria to fully fledged bodies of any variety. Therefore, there wouldn’t be anything strange about returning as an insect or a tree, a flower, a human being. If we accept that we’re the stuff that dreams are made on, we must accept that everything is. Dreams equal energy, they can be registered as electrical currents. Brain activity, sensations, life, decay, the elements, everything is part of the cosmic dance. There’s magic in that. Life is magic. Death is a transformation. We are in constant flux from the moment the sperm enters the egg and causes the cells to divide. That alone is proof that we change. Every seven years our cells have all been exchanged.

There is such thing as cosmos and microcosmos. It is all around. It’s inside and outside. There’s no escape from that. Scary? Perhaps. It is also interesting; mind-boggling or just weird. The millions that dance on the tip of a needle are as normal as our bodies. Remember those films that show the similarity between the universe and the microcosmos inside a body? We measured everything, but we don’t grasp the significance of our measurements. If we did, we might not be able to function. We may see it for a fraction of a second and write about it in clumsy words, or timeless poetry.

In our daily life, we push our innate knowledge aside, unless we’re trees. After all, we’re made of the same stuff. Carbon. Electricity. Synapses and axons, chemicals, and neurotransmitters. How fascinating, and how devastating. We are manifestations, nothing more. You might ask, manifestations of what? Life? Could it be that simple? Are we all potential diamonds? Mass murderers? Saints? Trees, mountains, or gurgling streams?

We were made of air, water, soil, and fire. We’re limited and endless. That is a challenge and maybe a blessing. Could it be our doom? Have we moved so far away from our nature that we are destroying ourselves and destroying life as we know it? Would this happen anyway? Is the fact that we destroy the earth, the flora and fauna, just part of the inevitable development?

They say that the universe started with an explosion and that everything moves away from the centre of that explosion. In other words, the universe is expanding. One day it will be stretched so far in every direction that it implodes. And then what? Will there be another explosion with all the consequences? After all, we’ve seen stars being born and die. Star nurseries are facts as are black holes. We’ve measured them just like we measure the neurotransmitters and the electrical currents.

Everything fits together. Does that mean that the universe will come to an end? Perhaps. If that is true, we must accept that it will begin again. The next explosion will be followed by another implosion. Could our mistakes be corrected in that way? Maybe we will just make different mistakes. After all, it would make sense. We can go on making mistakes, learning from them, and making new mistakes in an endless expansion and contraction. Maybe we need to find a way off the Wheel of Life.



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6 responses to “Life, Time, and Eternity”

  1. Debi+Ennis+Binder avatar

    This piece makes me feel small… and then infinite. It made me despair and then joyous for the thought of continuing on forever, lost somewhere in our universe. Thank you so much, Hanne, for your profound thoughts!

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      You’re very welcome, Debbie! It is strange how such thoughts can enter your mind during a late evening. The idea of continuing forever is a dream that many share.

  2. Anna avatar

    Brilliant observations!! I believe nothing really ends/dies. Quite plausible, if you think about it, our bodies are made up (proportionally) of the exact same elements which make up the universe. 🤷‍♀️❤️

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      That’s exactly what I tried to bring across. There is much more to life — and death than we can even imagine. Thank you, Anna!💕

  3. Maureen Turner avatar
    Maureen Turner

    We think we are all important. It is quite shocking to realise we are not. Humanity is barely a cog in the mechanism of the Cosmos.

    1. Hanne H avatar
      Hanne H

      So true. Thanks for your comment, Maureen.

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