Category: Digital Art Work

  • Winter Scene

    The weather has suddenly turned wintry. Cold and with short snowfalls. That reminded me of another sketch, it would be interesting to work on. It is crude – like most sketches. The idea works and that is enough. What fascinates me about digital painting is the many brushes you can use, and the difference you…

  • Blue Night

    To me, the moon is endlessly fascinating, and I’ve taken an excess of moon photos. Looking through them a few days ago, I came across one that was, from a photographic point of view, blurred and unsuccessful. I took it with my phone, late at night. It had potential though, as I liked the colours,…

  • Autumn Trees

    This is another digital sketch I haven’t worked on for years. Sometimes you can’t see what is wrong with it, and that was certainly the case this time. It featured a bridge that was out of proportion with the rest of the picture, and I was at my wit’s end to repair it. Today, it…

  • Girl with Picture Hat

    Some weeks ago, I posted a digital painting of a yellow rose. In a comment to it, I mentioned that I could see a girl in the picture. As it appeared that it wasn’t obvious to anybody but me, I decided to work on enhancing her face. Yes, she turns away from the viewer and…

  • Scylla and Charybdis

    ` Here is another digital artwork I’ve worked on lately. After finishing it, it occurred to me that Homer’s Sea Monsters could look like this. The brooding atmosphere certainly indicates danger. Which would seem the lesser of two evils? I’m not certain. No doubt, sailing through that gap might catch you between a rock and…

  • Winter Landscape under the Moon

    I’ve long dabbled in digital artwork and always found it rewarding as well as a distraction. In some ways, it is extremely easy, but it can also engender difficulties that one wouldn’t expect. ` © HMH, 2023

  • Desert Rose

    © HMH, 2022

  •  Yellow Rose

    As I worked on this digital painting, it occurred to me that the rose could also present a woman’s head in half profile. She turns away from the viewer and her hair or had or hair-ornament takes centre stage. As the sketch is still available, it is my plan to work on it again to…

  • Urban Trees (Two Versions)

    * * Sometimes, it is difficult to decide when to stop and which version of a digital painting works best. So, here are two versions of the same painting for your perusal. Let me know if you have a favourite. * * © HMH, 2022

  • Storm

    © HMH, 2022