Winter Berries by Lynne Henderson

It has been a great pleasure to follow Lynne’s thoughts about painting and her technique. Here is her last instalment in the series, a beautiful picture of winter berries. Also, I’d like to thank her for her generous contributions. Now I’ll give Lynne the last word to tell us about this acrylic painting. * Eventually,… Continue reading Winter Berries by Lynne Henderson

Parrot Tulips by Lynne Henderson

Take a look at these beautiful and lifelike tulips, Painted by Lynne Henderson. I find it remarkably interesting to read about her technique. It is a pleasure to step aside and let her speak for herself. *** Another technique I developed came from experiments during the textile module of an art and design course I… Continue reading Parrot Tulips by Lynne Henderson

Monarch Butterfly and Wildflowers by Lynne Henderson

I’m delighted to welcome Lynne Henderson back with another painting – the second in the current series. *** The next painterly progression for me was driven by a need to convey plants in the wild with atmospheric backgrounds and for a little more spontaneity and originality than pure botanical painting. Cue my developmental sideline into… Continue reading Monarch Butterfly and Wildflowers by Lynne Henderson

Peony by Lynne Henderson

*** I’m pleased to start another series of paintings by a fellow author. I admire Lynne Henderson as an author (writing as Lynne Fisher) and was delighted to find out that she also is a consummate painter. Without further ado, I’ll let Lynne introduce her work. *** Paeonia Officinalis, watercolour on paper, 13 by 17’’… Continue reading Peony by Lynne Henderson

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