A Mystery

* Life works its magic underground. All the trials, all the pain, all the misery; the fights, and the tribulations happen for a reason. Perhaps. It is possible. Of course, we can’t be sure of it. We can’t be sure of anything. Still, it looks like something, or someone, deals us a hand. We have… Continue reading A Mystery

Luce and Oscurito

They met at daybreak. Oscurito let his dark fingers run through her blonde locks, but Luce freed herself. ‘Don’t come too close.’ ‘Cautious. As always.’  Oscurito nodded. ‘My dear, you can trust me.’ He moved in and placed a kiss on her brow. Then he bowed and left. Luce sighed as she followed his retreating… Continue reading Luce and Oscurito

Beauty and the Beasts

When I look in the mirror, what do I see? A scrawny half-starved girl or a beautiful lady? Inside, I’m still that skinny girl. No matter, with intelligence and a little luck, I can secure my future. It sure helps that my body has curves in all the right places. That is something you can’t… Continue reading Beauty and the Beasts

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