Dreamscape: Poetry, Paintings, and Writing.

Mountains and Sea
  • Heat Wave

    Fierce light dazzles the eye The air shimmers And expands. You struggle to breathe, Sweat trickles down your back, And the soil opens deep cracks. Withered flowers draped On yellow grass Expire Under the merciless Sun ©HMH, 2023

  • Serene Tree

    ` Yet another tree – the last of my sketches with poems. Pinetree on the coast The vacant sea Silent Waiting Waiting For a breeze For a sign of life A pinecone drops And silence returns * © HMH, 2023

  • Reviews Follow-up

    * Lisette Brody, Hotel Obscure A Place to Live. A Place to Die Hotel Obscure welcomes those who haven’t anywhere else to go. Hotel Obscure welcomes those who want to hide. Hotel Obscure provides shelter and a place to live or die according to need. Nobody gets judged at Hotel Obscure, no matter what their…

  • Blossoming Tree

    Here is the second tree from the sketches with attached poems. The poem is obscure, to say the least, but I allowed myself to edit it slightly. Crayons on Paper ` Close by A tree, lost in thought, Longing for Spring. Its dreams Manifest In birds, flowers, and people Dreaming of Commitment ` © HMH,…

  • Cork on the Water

    * I will be OK. * I’ll pop up like a cork on the water. Try it Press me down, No matter how long,And see. * I will be back. * Unhurt? No way Humiliated? Perhaps But I will be back, Floating, and Moving along * ©HMH, 2023

  • Solitary Tree

    A few weeks ago, I found three tree sketches with attached poems. I’m not sure when I made them but thought I’d share them here. Crayons on Paper * Solitary but serene The tree fills its space with strong branches Grounded and healthy Only a little moss on the north side As it contemplates the…

  • An Author’s Take: Questions by S.S. Bazinet

    I want to thank S.S. Bazinet for the opportunity to talk about my latest book, Snares and Delusions. The chance to dig deep into the writing process and to explain what moved me to present my main character, Britta, in the way I did is rare.  Physical Education Class at the German School in Copenhagen…

  • Spring Rain

    ` The copper-beach triad stretches thirsty leaves towards the sky As the rain starts dripping Colours awake and shimmer in the hazy air Blades of grass raise on tiptoe to drink liquid life * A girl walks, laughing towards the dripping greyness As clouds gather and empty their burden On the languishing soil * Little…

  • Volcano

    Here is the last of my Lanzarote-inspired watercolours © HMH, 2023

  • Review Bonanza

    * Tina-Maria Miller, The Chateau of Second Chances A Retreat to New Openings Chateau Fontaine gives a retreat to suffering humanity. Some of them live there, and some come to visit, but everybody transforms their outlook and lives. Valentine prefers being incognito and has nothing against being taken for the gardener. Will he come out…

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