Hanne Holten Opera Singer


• Astonishingly brilliant, with authority and musicality…

• Hanne Holten’s presentation of the extremely difficult soprano part was impressive in both intonation and sound.

• And then to experience the completely successful, the entire understanding of this young soprano…
A singer she is, but an artist as well.

• Astonishing due to the distinction of the performance. Hanne Holten was a soloist of virtuosity in these songs.

• Hanne Holten as a charming narrator and a virtuoso soloist…

• Rarely in this country have you heard singing more accomplished and natural than that of Hanne Holten. Silence itself speaking – internationally.

• It was sparkling intense in Holten’s interpretation, where she now combines her extraordinary skill with warmth, abundance and a remarkable sense of the organic and expressive of this apparently un-integrated style. Very moving indeed.

• The shill of Hanne Holten has always been impressive. Now however, her voice has grown a dimension of warmth and strength that makes it one of the most distinguished instruments of this country. The only question is: how long will the Danish music society be able to keep such a treasure?

• The soloist, Hanne Holten lent her virtuoso voice mastering and her art of characterization to John Frandsen’s ‘Songs of Innocence’.

• It became a piece of musical poetry, an intense lament, movingly and dramatically performed by Hanne Holten.