My Last Reviews of 2020

Lesley Eames, The Runaway Women (Silver Ladies) in London A Sweet Diversion Set in the Early Nineteen-Twenties Four young women, Ruth, Jenny, Lydia, and Grace work together in a household in a small town. Their employer is a wealthy woman with a temper to reckon with. As a necklace disappears – stolen – she accuses… Continue reading My Last Reviews of 2020

Merry Christmas!

Something went wrong when I posted last, so I’ll give it another try. Without further ado, here is Santa Baby by Joan Javits, Phil Springer, and Tony Springer. *** *** Keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll work this time. . . © HMH, 2020

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Reading at Speed Reviews

LC Conn, Carling Coming of Age Can be a Hurtful Process Since the end of the first volume of The One True Child series, the Romans are stationary in Britain. Romans kill Carling’s parents and brother get killed in a raid. On the way to their camp, Carling witnesses the Roman commander killing her grandmother.… Continue reading Reading at Speed Reviews

Ball playing Mongrel

Flapping ears mark her longing to fly But the bitch never misses a ball. Frisbees, sticks, anything will do She catches high balls or curves Gleefully straining and running for her life Jumping higher than any cow, trying for the moon. Grannies and children beware! The exuberant buoyancy of this dame Takes no prisoners: Greetings… Continue reading Ball playing Mongrel

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Anna Casamento Arrigo Mini-Series III

It is hard to believe that this is the third and last time that I can welcome Anna. Maybe we will meet again. It has been fun and remarkably interesting to hear about her journey through a difficult period of her life. At the same time, it is remarkable how positive Anna has been throughout… Continue reading Anna Casamento Arrigo Mini-Series III

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