About HMH



Born in Denmark, I grew up in a scholastic family with Croatian, Swedish, and German ties. My family took a large interest in literature and music. Academia didn’t attract me, but I learned to read and played several instruments before I started school. I‘ve worked in all wakes of life, starting as a ground hostess in the Copenhagen Airport. In London, I took on Pizza Hut, as well as The Danish Embassy, as a cook. I also worked as an assistant dry cleaner and in a candle shop. In between, I took an education in Body Massage (ITEC). I’ve designed costumes for several productions at a Children’s Opera and managed more than one chamber music group. After graduating as an opera singer, I alternatively performed, gave concerts and taught people to sing. A favourite pastime has always been painting and I had a showcase in Guildford. Performing and teaching gave me a keen eye for details and so has travelling and living abroad. My reading habits are both inspiring and educational, something I regard as decisive when I started to write diaries, poetry, and other observations. Eventually, that sparked my interest in composing a full-scale novel. My family history presented the setting and influenced the storyline of Snares and Delusions. I moved to Germany a few years ago but preserve strong connections with the UK

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