My First Reviews 2021

SS Bazinet, Dying Takes it out of You A deadly Virus A deathly disease that turns its victims into monsters. Two brothers, single-cell twins that are in a way mirror images of one another. One is a scientist the other an artist. Their names are aptly chosen, Milton and Dory, which name gave me associations… Continue reading My First Reviews 2021


*** It has happened before but can’t happen again When fairy-tale whirl reaches everyday kin. Life becomes new as one kisses a frog. Princes will naturally just feel agog. Yet infinite wonders can sometimes restore, What panic of fantasies cannot deplore: More marvels and miracles vested in fable Than muses and monsters divest with a… Continue reading Fable

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Old House

It occurred to me to share some of the paintings that have been part of my life since my childhood. The first is interesting because I have a photo of the house in the painting. Also, the signature, HW doesn’t reveal much about the artist. However, this painting could have been part of my great-grandmother’s… Continue reading Old House

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