*** Somebody in my household must have had a penchant flower-paintings: my third childhood painting instalment is a lovely rendition of golden chrysanthemums in a vase. This may not have been my parent’s style though, because I found some of the best flower paintings in the attic. This is one of them. The frame is… Continue reading Chrysanthemum

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A Good review?

What is a good review? It is helpful. It is fair. It is honest. It isn’t venomous, or destructive. All authors experience negative reviews, and that is all right. We can’t expect to please everybody. Naturally, there are various approaches to reviewing, and that leaves us with a few questions. What is a ‘bad’ assessment?… Continue reading A Good review?

Musical Birds

Violin drills emerge from the trees But nobody glimpses a fiddler, a source: Blackbirds can emulate any one sound They relish a challenge for fingers or throat. The robin however, his red breast afire Sings harmony, filled with enchantment, desire His voice trills and ululates; he measures invention Forms pictures of bliss while he waits… Continue reading Musical Birds

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The second painting from my childhood home is a flower painting. There is no signature, but it doesn’t really matter. This is a beautiful painting that I’ve loved for a long time. It had an accident Many years ago – a boy was playing ball in the corridor where the picture hang – and the… Continue reading Irises

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